Jacked My Lantern

Boom boom boom, gotta get that boom boom boom...highjacking is a little sexy and mysterious all at the same time, right now I sit in a room full of alcoholics, thanks to Chris and the Essence of Emerald. THANK YOU, better than being at a dark bar on 8th and Bowery...(don't try to look up a bar at that location as it may or may not exist.) So back to robbery, kind of fun and intellectually sexy sexy when you're referring to a blog. I am wasted yet making some extra ordinary sense of it all. We all ask the question, is it SAFE to carve pumpkins once you have several under your belt, we all know not to get behind the wheel or operate heavy machinery but now one discusses picking up a sharp knife and trying to make art with pumpkins. The first cut is always a little challenging to "break thru" and then back it up with the whole star motif on top (maybe we should try a circle instead? but of course, who doesn't love a challenge and when in a room filled with pumpkins, of course you want o steamroll the competition and win the golden pumpkin prize (Chris is giving away gift bags at the end people...I'm thinking Itune card for sure!!! (why yes, I'll have a bloody mary refill...bring it on.) my time is up, I'm passing the laptop to the next contestant...(I just heard "I am loaded" filter thru the room, this is going to rock...)

so, to pick up where i left off....

there are some things that shouldn't be said on a foodie's blog. like, does it get better than circus peanuts? we all know it doesn't. unless you dip said peanut into hot chocolate...

The pumpkin carving has begun and, to be honest, the (someday) mother inside of me is deeply concerned. The first carver - who just wrote about circus peanuts, actully - is slicing the pumpkin toward himself and telling his wife to be careful. I have no choice but to fill up my cup with another delicious Digital Girl Bloody Mary and grab a carving knife. Let's get this party started!

the carnage is underway....lp here, inventor of the parker negroni...we are witnessing the dismemberment and disemboweling of several innocent pumpkins....i hope the Great Pumpkin doesn't mind....no major damage yet....no lost limbs, no blood drawn...im kind of disappointed. i guess we need more beer....you know...we had some awesome vegetarian chili (and as a hardcore carnivore i can sometimes be hard to please)...but i fear we will be unable to make roasted pumpkinseeds in our current state without it being a major undertaking.

i think the one thing we have all discovered is that there is always a proper tool for any job...that is true in cooking, true in life and most importantly in pumpkin carving...a good sharp knife, a good saw, maybe even a drill....people are talking about that scene in pulp fiction....remember that scene that warranted the introduction of mr. clean...that is what digital girl's living room looks like...oh ..the carnage..

this is clearly stream of consciousness, but this is what happens when a blog is hijacked...

ok ladies and gents, I think we can all agree that pumpkins are messy but who knew that carving came with trash talk.

trash talking pumpkin carving bloody mary drinking tweeny vampire sobs.

....but aren't we all just a reflection of our own pumpkins, I mean think about it.

anything worth carving, should be.

So there you have it, ladies and g's. The above ponderings were brought to you from Mrs. O, LP, CME and DME, A and M. Hope you enjoyed! Thanks to all of them for a fabulous afternoon and, of course, a jacktastic blog. And the creative end to our madness? A few jack-o-lanterns. Have a Happy Halloween!