The List

It's finally happened. I've become a snob. A cocktail snob to be more specific. I realize some of you are thinking, "Finally?" I suppose that's fair. It's been coming on for quite some time now. Here are a few of the things that drive me crazy about bars that don't measure up to my snobberly standards:

  • A poorly made Martini
  • Maraschino cherries in a Manhattan
  • A menu that has only sweet cocktails
  • A bartender or server who has no opinions about the cocktails being served
  • A stirred drink that has not been chilled or diluted properly

And that is just the beginning... Luckily I live in the wonderfully liquored up city of New York where there are many fine establishments serving top quality cocktails. LP, Trader Vicky and I recently made a list of these hotspots.

The List is a work in progress. One asterisk indicates places at least one of us has been; two indicates my top five recommendations. The others are places we want to try.

Eventually, there will be more information about each and links to related UG posts. In the meantime, if you would like a recommendation, send me an email!





  1. Oooh - I have one for you to add to the list! Saxon + Parole had a such an interesting cocktail menu, I was sad that drinks will get you drunk because I could only have a couple. Well, maybe a few. Cool interiors, too.


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