Shake Up Your Summer with a Little Tiki

Hello, ladies and g's. I hope you're ready to get your tiki on... or at least to hang out on the fringe as Trader Vicky might say. The steamy days of summer are a perfect time to enjoy a refreshing Mai Tai or Singapore Sling. But of course there are so many other options as well. You can try your luck by taking a short flight with the Test Pilot. Or, you might opt to hang out at the bar with the Suffering Bastard or a Zombie instead.

Luckily I didn't have to decide last Sunday afternoon. After all, how is a girl to choose between a Test Pilot and the Suffering Bastard--if they are both delicious and just boozy enough?

Trader Vicky made all of these wonderful tiki drinks for her lushous lady friends at the July meeting of the NY Cocktail Club. And she made tiki seem easy as pie, which was quite impressive. (I say "easy as pie" but frankly, have you ever made your own pie--crust and all? Not so easy!)

Our beautiful hostess started the afternoon with the delightful Mai Tai, which she explained means something like "out of this world." Yes, indeed... the entire event was out of this world, from the array of delicious cocktails to the carved watermelon and the pineapples filled with delicious dips.
Aloha dip

I hope that you enjoy these recipes and encourage you to throw a lei around your neck and whip up a Mai Tai in the near future. Trader Vicky started with recipes from Beach Bum Berry Remixed, and made a few adjustments or substitutions along the way. It's a great book if you're looking for a place to start in the world of tiki.

Despite the "ease" with which Trader Vicky pulled off a fabulous tiki party, I imagine the you might look at the menu below, and think, 'What the heck is x, y, or z and where do I find it?' My suggestion is to start simple if you want to test the tiki waters. Pick one drink, like the Mai Tai, commit to getting the ingredients, invite a few friends over, and shake away. For some extra fun, carve a watermelon and make a few dips that you can serve in pineapple halves!
Tiki watermelon!

Mai Tai
1 oz dark Jamaican rum
1 oz gold Barbados rum
.75 oz lime juice
.5 oz Creole Shrubb
.5 oz Orgeat
.25 oz simple syrup
Shake and serve on the rocks
Garnish with lime and mint

Singapore Sling
2 oz gin
2 oz pineapple juice
.75 oz lime juice
.75 oz Cherry Herring
.25 oz Cointreau
.25 oz Benedictine
Dash Angostura bitters
Shake and pour over ice
Top with .5 oz soda water
Garnish with pineapple, cherry and lime
Serve drinks like the Suffering Bastard in mini-servings
to help keep your revelers semi-lucid

Suffering Bastard
1 oz gin
1 oz brandy
1.5 oz Rose's lime juice
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Shake and pour over ice
Top with 4 oz ginger beer
Garnish with mint

Test Pilot
1.5 oz dark Jamaican rum
.75 oz light Puerto Rican rum
.5 oz lime juice
.5 oz Falernum
3 tsps Cointreau
Dash of Angostura bitters
6 drops absinthe
1 cup crushed ice
Garnish with a cherry

Zombie Don-B
1.5 oz  gold Puerto Rican rum
1 oz 151 Demerara rum
.75 oz lime juice
.5 oz Don's Mix
.5 oz Falernum
6 drops absinthe
1 teaspoon grenadine
Dash of Angostura bitters
6 oz crushed ice
Garnish with mint